How to deposit using cryptocurrency

Depositing in crypto is as easy as 1-2-3.

These instructions apply to any cryptocurrency, but we've used Bitcoin as an example. To make a payment, you need to have your crypto wallet open and have the relevant sum in your account balance.

Don’t have a crypto wallet? No worries, you can find instructions on how to set one up here.

  1. Press the "Deposit" button in the Payments section:

  2. Choose "Bitcoin" (or any other cryptocurrency) from the available payment methods:

  3. Copy your private depositing address using the outlined button and send the desired amount of money to it:

  4. Wait for the funds to be transferred. The majority of transactions are processed in 5-15 minutes.

    Note, this is your private depositing address. Therefore you can make future crypto payments without even going to the cashier.

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